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10:30pm 16/08/2003
mood: thoughtful
I wanna lay Johnny done in a bed of roses.

I wonder how much all those petals would cost?
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Fun At The Flicks!   
10:22pm 16/08/2003
mood: horny
Well Johnny and me when to the movies tonight to see Freddy vs. Jason the horror movie of the year!!! But... it was sold out so we ended up going to see Freaky Friday and before I say anything else, I just gotta say



From what I say that is. Johnny and me had a whole shit load of fun even though we didn't get to sit at the back of the theatre. We were stuck in the middle but that didn't stop us from totally making out and playing with our food. We got Nibs and we both took off our shirts and took turns licking the end of a nib, sticking it on the other guy's nipple then eating it. Talk about making a Nib even better!

Johnny kept giggling and he says that he ain't the feme in the relationship. Pffffft! Yeah right! :D
01:57pm 19/02/2003
mood: pissed off
Damn that Johnny! No one dumps me and gets away with it! I don't know what's stuck up his ass, but there was totally NO reason to ever dump me like that, and in front of everyone too!

Johnnnnnnnnnnnny! I swear! They were flirting with me! Not the other way around!

Damn me and my amazing good looks...

love, and all that embarassing crap...   
02:13am 23/01/2003
mood: confused
That Michael is such a liar! Sneaking behind my back to steal the first post while I was trying to convince Rei to give Gary a strip lapdance before he sobered up. *snorts* He's lucky he's so gorgeous, or he'd be a dead man now. LOL As it is, I -will- have to think up something good to -punish- him.... *smirks*

We're giving Robert's bed more action then it has EVER seen! LOL :D

Honestly though, I don't know what it is about Michael. Whenever I'm around him, it's like my knees turn to jello, and I keel right over. It's embarassing as hell, but I just can't help it. Seeing him makes my heart stop, and when he touches me..... GOD!

I could never tell him any of this though. It'd go straight to his head, and his ego doesn't need any more boosting! *grin*

I really think I'm falling for him though - hard! And I'm not just talking about the swooning, either! *sigh* He makes me feel good about myself. Happy...
I wish I knew how to return the favor...

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Too Slow, Baby!   
11:00pm 22/01/2003
mood: ecstatic
Ha! I beat Johnny to the first post even though he already threatened me not to touch this thing before he got to. Heh. Can't wait to see the punishment, hope it's kinky like last time. h_h <---- that's a "hentai" face, I stole it off a friend.

Yeah so, there's a whole crew of us on Robert's cruise ship right now. When I say crew, I mean it! There's me, Johnny ( <3 ), Robert, Oliver (who Robert's MAJORLY crushing on! That's why he made this whole shindig in the first place), Enrique (who's gone into super jealous boyfriend mode), Lei, Kai (who are both constantly fighting over Rei), Rei, Tyson, Max, Gary, Kevin and... the Demolition Boys, Tala and Bryan.

So, we're all here on this HUGE luxury liner and is like, totally great cuz I get to see Johnny again! We've been dating for a couple of months now, in total secret cuz we're both a lil iffy when it comes to this "being gay" thing. I mean, we're not really gay since we both watch porn (NOT gay porn!) we just totally love eachother. Funny story too. We met at a party, flirted, I gave him my card, he phoned, we hung out and now here we are today! A couple I guess you could say...

So! (I say that alot... no wonder Em's always bitching at me about my vocab!) I gave Johnny a total shocker when I met him at the boat. I think everyone was already there, and I showed up in Director Judy's fancy plane. I had a dozen roses for him, but I kept one and tossed the rest off the plane where he found them. I had a cute lil card which said:

To my Johnny.
Here's 11, look up for the 12th.

Then a couple of minutes later, I parachute outta the plane, land a few feet from him with the rose in my mouth. Now, if THAT ain't romantic, I have NO idea what is! Johnny totally dug it and a little while after we got on the boat, we snuck off to Robert's "Master" suite and did it on his bed.



Yeah, so we're both horny sex maniacs but that's why we're so great for one another! Not to mention we totally rubbed it into the other guys faces and showed off our "love bites". Priceless. Totally and utterly priceless.

And it's only the first day! Just wait till Robert checks out his bed! >D

---> Michael <---